Congress Theme: “Innovate for Africa”

We chose this theme because it speaks to all persons involved in the fight against childhood cancer. Are you a health worker, a survivor, a parent or guardian, relative or friend of a survivor? Perhaps none of these categories but a well-wisher or concerned citizen: we all want to improve the care of childhood cancer.

Children with cancer in Africa have survival rates as low as 20%. There are many reasons for this including malignancies not being diagnosed, misdiagnosis, inaccurate diagnosis, delayed diagnosis; obstacles to accessing care, treatment abandonment, toxic deaths, disease relapse among others. One really important concern is that protocols and guidelines prescribed in higher-income countries are often not feasible in many parts of our continent due to resource constraints.

This however does not mean that all children with cancer in Africa are dying untreated! We have been forced to become more resourceful and cleverer in order to treat our children. There are numerous, often unrecognized but simple, innovative things being done all over the continent by hospitals, departments, and units treating children with cancer to ensure our children get the best treatment possible within the limits of available resources.

In the 2022 congress we invite all involved in providing care for children with cancer in Africa to share their innovative practice and how it has impacted quality of care or outcomes. In this way we hope to learn from each other, and together improve the way we treat children with cancer.

Together, we can achieve the World Health Organization target of improving survival of children with cancer in Africa to 60% by the year 2030.

The Scientific Committee of the 14th SIOP AFRICA CONFERENCE is calling for abstracts relating to Childhood Cancer Care in Africa.

The conference programme will be run along 3 tracks:  Medical, Nursing and Childhood Cancer International.

Abstracts are invited for both oral and poster presentations in line with the main theme and the sub-themes.

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Conference Sub-Themes
  • Haematological malignancies
  • Non-Haematological malignancies
  • Comorbidities and Supportive Care
  • Paediatric Cancer Care in Special Circumstances
  • Psycho-oncology
  • Access to Childhood Cancer Care
  • Oncology Nursing

Abstract Submission

  • Abstracts should be submitted in electronic form by email to Please indicate, in the email subject, the sub-theme and track that your abstract falls under
  • You can also used the online abstract submission system to submit your abstract and upload any attachments as needed (Recommended)
  • The deadline for abstract submission is September 30, 2021
  • All received abstracts will be acknowledged
  • By December 31, 2021, the Scientific Committee will have made a decision on all abstracts and will contact authors regarding their submissions. The committee will establish if the abstract is accepted for oral or poster presentation with consideration to author’s preference
  • A limited number of scholarships covering plane tickets, accommodation and registration fees will be available for authors coming to make oral presentations. Scholarship opportunities will be announced on the conference website starting January 1, 2022
  • Slides and posters must be in English. Presentations can be given in French.

The Scientific Committee looks forward to receiving abstracts in response to this call and the participation of everyone will contribute to the success of this conference.

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