Instructions for Oral Presenters

Important: PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines:

You may use the SIOP Africa 2022 template or use your own template using the suggested links below, and follow the below guidelines 

Please note that your slides must be finalized and ready on the day of your presentation. You will be asked to load your presentation at least one session before you speak – you will see audiovisual technicians in every presentation venue who will be able to help you. Please do this in between sessions so as not to disturb other speakers.

Kindly remember the first slide of your presentation must be your name and presentation title and then followed by the disclosure slide – and that you need to address the disclosure at the beginning of the presentation. If you have nothing to disclose, please add “No Disclosures”

We recommend that you label all slides that include unpublished data with a title: “UNPUBLISHED DATA – DO NOT COPY OR DISTRIBUTE”.