Kathy Pritchard-Jones

SIOP President

Message from SIOP President.

This year’s SIOP Africa congress, to be held March 16-18 in Uganda, provides the first opportunity to come together in-person as the international community of childhood cancer professionals to share progress, learning and experiences.  

As SIOP president, I look forward to welcoming you to the congress, where a tremendous research and education programme awaits you.  The last two years have put both clinical care and research under previously unknown pressures.  The paediatric oncology community has responded magnificently, to continue to apply best practice standards of care, with adaptations where required due to COVID-19, and to continue to collaborate in clinical research studies that improve access to treatment and survival rates.

SIOP Africa 2022 is the place to come to share learning, hear about innovative approaches and build your networks of collaboration and support. The topic of the pre-congress workshop, Adapted Treatment Regimens, will be important opportunity to discuss the realities of implementing the WHO’s Global Initiative for Childhood Cancers.

I look forward to meeting with all congress delegates to take several steps forward together in achieving our mutual vision of “Cure for More, Care for All”.  

See you in Kampala @SIOP2022!