Dr. Kouya Francine

Medical Doctor & Oncology Supervisor - Cameroon Baptist Convention, Cameroon

Kouya is a 53 year old Cameroonian medical doctor who graduated from Medical school in 1999.

She then started working at the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services in 2002.

The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services Hospital are located in very remote areas were majority of young physicians decline to work. She took on the task at one of their hospitals With Dr Peter Antony McCormick a retired physician from UK and was assigned the Paediatric unit. 

It is in that Paediatric unit that she got involved with children with cancer. In 2003 she was introduced to Professor Hesseling from Stellenbosch University (South Africa) who became her mentor, and taught her a lot in Paediatric oncology. 

She then completed a 4 year training in Internal Medicine in Cameroon in 2012 and from 2015 she spent 2 years in Stellenbosch University where she had a 6 months rotation in Tygerberg Children Hospital under the supervision of Prof Mariam Kruger.

Dr Kouya is very proud that today the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services have a Comprehensive Paediatric oncology UNIT which she leads. The children in need and their parents are able to receive paediatric oncology and so do not need to travel to the capital to get care. 

She currently has been appointed as the Oncology Supervisor of the Cameroon Baptist Convention. 

Under her supervision and leadership, about 2000   children have been treated with cancer, with a survival rate of about 50%.